songs featured solely in films, and not on any other release

just a matter of time (1991)

'just a matter of time' - a track accompanying a short film starring massive attack. more info

the fan (1996)

'hot knives' - updated instrumental mix of 'hymn of the big wheel'


the jackal (1997)

'superpredators (metal postcard) [film mix]' - original mix of superpredators, ie not remixed by mad professor. plays during opening credits, has other audio elements from the film layered over the track.
'endtrack' - an earlier mix of dissolved girl. plays during end credits


welcome to sarajevo (1997)

'wire (edit)' - same song as 'end credits' on soundtrack but with vocals by sara jay. plays during end credits. fades out before end of song.


south bank show: marc quinn (17/12/2000)

"a far more experimental show than most, with sculptor marc quinn crafting a bold art film to an original massive attack soundtrack." from information available, the music contains a mix of nature of threat.


crush (2001)

a film by nick knight, available only for download from showstudio, with untitled score by 3D


danny the dog (aka unleashed) (2005)

'aftersun' - vocal song that does not appear on the soundtrack cd. plays during end credits of releases of 'danny the dog' only, is omitted on international versions titled 'unleashed'. track released online


bullet boy (2005)

score by massive attack thoughout film, some parts not included on itunes release


meet 2011 ted prize winner: jr (25/10/2010)

short film released on youtube with untitled music by massive attack